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About Us

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About the Bonnyville Child & Adolescent Mental Health Clinic

The Child & Adolescent Mental Health Collaborative, is a program ran under the direction of the Bonnyville Primary Care Network and a diverse collaboration of community partners. 


This collaborative consists of representatives from The Bonnyville Primary Care Network, Covenant Health, AHS, Lakeland Catholic School District #150, Northern Lights School Division #69, Conseil Scolaire Centre-Est, Town of Bonnyville, MD of Bonnyville #87, the local physician group and the Bonnyville Primary Care Network.

With school board and community support, and AHS grant funding, a fulltime Mental Health Navigator has been hired to establish and coordinate the program. General Physicians' and Nurse Practitioner from the Bonnyville Medical Clinic & Covenant Health have taken further training in pediatric mental health assessment and treatment for ADHD, anxiety and depression in youth aged 6 to 17 years old..


A weekly Child & Adolescent Mental Health Clinic has been established where physician/NP, mental health therapists, family wellness advisor, school counsellors and the patient navigator sit at the same table to discuss and coordinate the treatment plan for the youth

This collaborative will continue supporting the weekly clinic, increase use of local mental health programs, improve the support and resources for families, local youth programs and schools and mend the gaps in mental health services for the children and adolescents in the Bonnyville area.


We will see children and youth aged 6 to 17 years old who have their Family Doctor/NP here at the Bonnyville Medical Clinic or use the Bonnyville Medical Clinic's Walk-In clinic for their primary health care.

The Mental Health Navigator will accept referrals from parents, teachers, therapists, doctor or anyone who thinks a child needs help with their ADHD, anxiety or depression.

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