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At your first appointment we will ask a lot of questions and have you fill out some rating scales. We want to see what has been happening, what has helped in the past and what hasn't. You will meet one of our doctors or nurse practitioner, our child therapist, our family wellness advisor and your school counsellor or teacher may be here as well.

We can see kids aged 6 - 17 who have their family doctor at the Bonnyville Medical Clinic or use the Bonnyville Medical Clinic for the medical care.

             Click here for our referral form

We use different rating scales, some for parents, some for kids, some for teachers. These help us to see what kinds of thoughts, feelings and behaviours you have been noticing.
Scroll down to view these rating scales.

At your other appointments we will check to see if what we tried is working or not. You may have to fill out more rating scales.  We will see you as many times as we need until you and your parents feel like things are going well.

Here are some of the rating scales we use.
We may ask you to print them off and bring them with you to your next appointment.

 Y PSC-17              PSC-17             Vanderbilt          Vanderbilt follow up         PHQ-9                SCARED child          SCARED parent

The Child & Adolescent Support Staff will book your appointment, coordinate the clinic to be sure all the necessary team members are present and is available for phone calls for your questions or concerns.
Call 587-201-1924

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